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Personalised Satin Silk Pyjamas  bridal party bridesmaid pyjamas

Award Winning Business. Winner of Best Digital Presence at the Meath Style Awards 2022. 

As seen on Virgin Media's Ireland AM.

Make It Personal began with a passion for luxury fashion accessories at an affordable price, gift-giving and personalisation and with the intention of changing the way we think about gift giving.


We are a Small Business in Ireland but shipping throughout Europe, the UK , Australia and the US. We specialise in Personalised Fashion Accessories , Sleepwear & Bridal Accessories. Every order is made in house using our Industrial Grade Embroidery Machine with a focus on Monograming. 

Embroidered to leave a lasting impression, the stitching will not fade or pull away like most Gold Foil Stamps or Iron On's! 

From Personalised Satin Pyjamas for your Bridesmaids to a Personalised Scarf or Handbag for yourself , our machine is capable of stitching just about anything and any fabric or material. 


Incorporating great design, exclusive typography and state of the art technology, we offer leather goods, headwear , scarves, pyjamas and much, much more — all with your unique touch. No two orders are the same. 


We believe that this touch is more than an imprint. It turns a beautiful gift into a personal gesture.  We offer gifts and designs for all ages and occasions. and have a service available for Corporate Business also. 

When it comes to making your mark, we hope you think of us for unique typefaces and beautiful objects.


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